Start: Advice

Simply call me when something's happened or a decision's been made.

I’ll facilitate a preliminary discussion to help me know your situation, during which I’ll share relevant information with you.

We’ll then work through a process to help you understand and consider your options.

There's no obligation this stage.

Middle: Planning

We review your options together and the interests of all stakeholders involved.

This stage includes a discussion about such things as market conditions and case studies.

Your best strategy regarding the property is identified and agreed.

We start preparing for the sales process by working through the actions that will be required.

This plan includes what needs to be done to the property itself to prepare it for sale and also anything that needs to be done to enable the property to be sold.

There's no obligation at this stage.

End: Sale

You decide to sell the property.

I’ll give you a step-by-step understanding of the technical sales process.

This includes what you can expect of me for such things as communication, reporting and so on.

We’ll plan and agree the most appropriate sales and marketing strategy.

I’ll advise you of the terms and conditions of sale.

Your property is listed for sale and goes to market.

This stage occurs using a Sales Agreement.

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