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How to work well with your real estate agent.

You know what you want from your ideal agent. For the agent to get the best result for you, there are some responsibilities, and actions that can help them help you.

Determining what is your house worth

One of the biggest pain points for agents is the fact that a home seller rarely agrees with their agent’s listing price.It’s very rare that a seller agrees with an agent on price.Unfortunately, many people think their house is worth more than it is. This is understandable. To a seller, the home has strong emotional connections.The other common reason is that the seller needs $X from the sale of their house.This may be easier in a boom market. But in a buyers market or even a normal market – Your house is only worth what someone will pay for it.

Your agent is an expert

Listen to your Agent. A good agent is an experienced expert in selling homes like yours in your area.Your agent’s job is to help buyers emotionally connect with your home. Your price, neighbourhood and position may get potential buyers in the door, the visual appeal and feeling of your home is what will get it sold.Getting a home ready for sale is very important – Take your agents advice, It may cost a few dollars, but you will get a good return.

Inaccurate online estimates

Something that is not useful is obsessing over real estate sites that estimate the value of your home.That is exactly what they are “An Estimate” and have a large margin for error. an algorithm won’t be able to account for special features and unique characteristics of any home.Your agent will have access to expensive subscription services that will provide a list of comps and other tools for determining an accurate price.Don’t obsess over the estimated value derived by a free online service.

Communicate your expectations

You must communicate your expectations to your agent (They are not mind readers). If you don’t understand the contracts and documents you are filling out, you should definitely let them know. If you don’t know how your agent is marketing your house or if your agent is qualifying potential buyers, ask.As a seller tell your agent your needs – If you have questions ASK!

Have patience

Selling a home takes time – not hours, not days, not weeks. Think in terms of months. This may seem to take forever. But just accept the process and work with your agent and it will be far easier.

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